13-Feb-2014 - Messe München GmbH

analytica 2014: New special exhibit for occupational health and safety

Many laboratory workers believe they know the dangers of their work inside out. However, the fact that work accidents still occur on a regular basis shows just how important it is to keep abreast of safety issues. For the first time ever, the analytica 2014 is offering the Special Exhibit for Occupational Health and Safety.

The Special Exhibit for Occupational Health and Safety offers information about all the important issues in this area – from the correct protective work clothing and the safe handling of hazardous substances to avoiding dangerous chemical reactions. "We offer an exciting mix of up-to-date information, spectacular live demonstrations and international expertise," explained Project Manager Susanne Grödl. In the Live Lab in Hall A3, daily experimental presentations will be on the program: "Fires and Explosions" and "The Safe Handling of Hazardous Substances/Avoiding Health Risks".

The first of the presentations, "Fires and Explosions", will be given by asecos and will start at 12.00 each day. Company employees will explain how to avoid fires and answer the following questions: What is the correct way to store hazardous substances? And what properties of laboratory chemicals must be taken into account in order to avoid dangerous situations? The aim is to raise visitors' awareness of dangers and appropriate preventative measures. After all, the tiniest quantities of flammable substances and a spark are enough to trigger uncontrollable chain reactions. At the analytica, visitors can experience in person how even the smallest amounts of hazardous substances can cause dust explosions, exothermic reactions as well as controlled minor fires and flash fires. For example, a balloon filled with hydrogen 3.0 will be ignited with a naked flame. For international visitors, the experimental presentation will also be given in English each day at 14:00.

At 16:00, the "The Safe Handling of Hazardous Substances/Avoiding Health Risks through the EMKG and PPE" presentation will look at workers' health during day-to-day work in laboratories. Laboratory chemicals specialists from the company Bernd Kraft will demonstrate the best ways to organize a laboratory. This includes how to ensure that suitable protective suits, masks and gloves are immediately to hand when handling chemicals. The experts will also explain how laboratory chemicals can be categorized according to the danger they pose on the basis of the EMKG (Easy to Use Workplace Control Scheme) and what criteria are used at Bernd Kraft to decide on the appropriate PPE (Personal Protective Equipment). The special exhibit will be complemented by an exhibition of safety products such as safety cabinets, gas detectors and protective clothing.´

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