4SC and Schering Sign Research Collaboration for The Identification of Novel Drug Candidates


MARTINSRIED, Germany, Oct. 8 - 4SC AG announced today the signing of a research collaboration with Schering AG to identify novel molecules, that bind to a specific undisclosed target provided by Schering, to serve as the basis for drug discovery. Under the terms of the agreement, 4SC will use its proprietary virtual High Throughput Screening technology, 4SCan(R), to evaluate a proprietary pool of 3.3 million small organic molecules for their binding efficacy to the given target. Schering will then receive a selection of ranked molecules for biological testing and further evaluation. In return 4SC will receive undisclosed research funding and milestone payments.

"This collaboration confirms that our time and cost-efficient cheminformatic approach for the development of new drug candidates appeals to a global pharmaceutical player such as Schering," stated Dr. Ulrich Dauer, CEO of 4SC. "We look forward to collaborating with Schering."

"We are very interested in new approaches and technologies that increase efficiency in the field of drug discovery, in particular if these technologies contribute to accelerating the early stages in the drug discovery process. We hope that cost and time savings will be achieved by using 4SCan(R)," commented Dr. Nikolaus Heinrich, Head of Computational Chemistry of Schering.

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