30-Jun-2014 - Thermo Fisher Scientific, Inc.

A Toxic-Free Alternative: Rigorous Assay of Chloride and Sulfate in Adenosine

Thermo Fisher Scientific has developed a fast and robust ion chromatography (IC)-based method for the determination of chloride and sulfate in adenosine. Application Note 1075: Ion Chromatography Assay for Chloride and Sulfate in Adenosine demonstrates that this method supports high sample throughput with a run time of just 3.5 min, requires no toxic chemicals, and can replace the U.S. Pharmacopeia monograph’s existing turbidity-based assays of these compounds.

A high-pressure IC system combined with a hydroxide-selective anion-exchange column enables a significantly faster determination of chloride and sulfate in adenosine compared to a traditional IC system. The electrolytically generated eluent and the self-regenerating suppressor eliminate the labor of eluent and regenerant preparation, thereby increasing productivity and contributing to the robustness and sensitivity of the method. Only water is used for eluent generation, thus eliminating the need for handling hazardous chemicals.

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