PerkinElmer Life Sciences Announces Availability of SpectraPlate Microplates

BOSTON, Oct 16, 2002 - PerkinElmer Life Sciences, a leading provider of drug discovery, life science research and genetic disease screening solutions, today announced the commercial availability of a full range of clear SpectraPlate microplates. The new range consists of 96- and 384-well clear microplates in three different formats: 1) SpectraPlates with medium protein binding affinity (MB) 2) high protein binding affinity (HB) 3) tissue culture treated plates (TC) for adherent cell culturing The SpectraPlates are designed for use with Enzyme Linked Immuno-Sorbent Assays (ELISA) and other colorimetric assays. Key features of the SpectraPlate microplates include: * An innovative pinch bar design facilitates automated robotic handling. * Manufactured under strict clean room conditions to avoid dust and other contaminants. * Very low intra-plate CV's and background readings ensure high quality results. * Increased nesting space and added bottom ribs that are guaranteed compatible with PerkinElmer-supplied instrumentation. * Unique design helps reduce instrument down time due to plate jams. "These clear SpectraPlates complement PerkinElmer's wide range of existing application-focused microplates," said Paul Gillyon, vice president and general manager, Biomics and Research Products, PerkinElmer Life Sciences. "This is one more example of how listening to our customers' needs contributes to our ability to offer the latest and most complete solutions in the industry."

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