Merck Employees receive € 300 million in profit sharing

Merck Employees Benefit From Company Success

06-Mar-2015 - Germany

With a total of € 300 million, Merck will reward its employees worldwide for the economic success of the year 2014. As Merck announced, this is the highest sum ever paid in bonuses.

"As we illustrated in the presentation of our annual results on Tuesday, we were able to conclude the 2014 financial year with record numbers. Due to this achieved economic success, we want to reward our employees appropriately and pay out to them about € 40 million more in bonus than in the previous year," said Kai Beckmann, the Executive Board member of Merck responsible for personnel. “The success of our company would not be possible without our dedicated and motivated employees."

Since 2003, Merck has rewarded employees in the financial success of the company. "With a success and performance-oriented remuneration system, we encourage the entrepreneurial thinking and actions of our employees," Beckmann said. Responsible for the good financial results in the past fiscal year was primarily the successful implementation of the transformation and growth program "Fit for 2018”, which focuses on growth initiatives such as the purchase of AZ Electronic Materials last year. “These first fruits should now be reaped by all employees, especially because many employees were affected in previous years by the necessary efficiency measures and thus helped to achieve these results," said Beckmann.

The bonus shares for non-exempt and exempt employees is calculated as 30 percent for collective goals and 70 percent for individual performance. With the payment of performance and success-based bonuses, Merck supports its aim to further promote the performance orientation within its workforce and offers competitive compensation structures. The payout of the bonus will be with the April salary. For non-exempt employees this usually means a bonus payment of more than a half of a month’s salary.

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