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Eppendorf with worldwide setting program

Around 250 vacancies at all locations by the end of 2019


The Eppendorf Group is creating around 250 new jobs worldwide this year. A large proportion of the new jobs will be created in Hamburg at the headquarters of the globally active life sciences company and is an important component of Eppendorf's growth strategy.

"Eppendorf is growing strongly and sustainably," explains Thomas Bachmann, President & CEO of the Eppendorf Group. "This targeted growth is reflected, among other things, in the steady increase in the workforce. Of our 38 locations worldwide, Hamburg is growing fastest."

The Hanseatic City is home to the Group's headquarters with many global functions, as well as logistics and several manufacturing subsidiaries. In addition, state-of-the-art laboratory equipment and solutions for the world market are designed and manufactured here. This requires innovative employees - in all areas of the company.

The demand is primarily for scientists, engineers, computer scientists, business economists and specialists in areas such as digitalization, e-commerce, IT, marketing and project management. We are looking for university graduates, young professionals and experienced specialists. With its recruitment program, Eppendorf is pursuing an important component of its growth strategy in order to continue to participate to an above-average degree in the strong global growth of the life science industry.

The positive development of the industry offers numerous opportunities which Eppendorf intends to exploit for itself. The company is completely reorienting itself towards this with the comprehensive "be Eppendorf 2021" future initiative. It is the foundation for further growth and future success. The initiative focuses in particular on the employees already working at Eppendorf today, with the aim of further developing and promoting them in a sustainable manner. This also applies to the working environment in all city locations worldwide.

"We recruit in all areas and at all locations. Here we want to get the right people for the right jobs. We want them to use and develop their skills in such a way that everyone - employees and Eppendorf - benefits from them," explains Thomas Bachmann. "Eppendorf is creating the necessary conditions for this. I am sure that the new colleagues will give us additional impetus for the successful further development of Eppendorf".

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