Stahl opens Stahl Campus® knowledge center in China

29-Aug-2016 - Netherlands

Stahl opened Asia’s first Stahl Campus® in Guangzhou. This third Stahl Campus® enables Stahl to strengthen its knowledge and expertise in the world’s largest leather-producing country. The new knowledge center builds on the great success of Stahl Campus® in The Netherlands and Mexico. Karin Lee will coordinate all of the center’s activities in Guangzhou.
Following the opening of the Mexican Stahl Campus® this April, chemical company Stahl has extended its training activities to China. The main goal of the Guangzhou-based Stahl Campus® is to share good practices in leather processing throughout the supply chain with clients and partners.
Global Stahl Campus® manager Frans van den Heuvel explains that China is a strategic location. “China is the number-one country in terms of the quantity of leather produced. However, there is still a lot to gain throughout the supply chain when it comes to sustainability and innovative working methods. Therefore, we believe it was a great opportunity to unroll our Stahl Campus® to a third continent”, he says. “Guangzhou is the perfect location to start. Here we can offer our clients in China and beyond the training facilities they need to grow their business in a sustainable manner”, van den Heuvel continues.

Three years, three continents

Since the opening of the first Stahl Campus® in 2014, over 200 visitors from across the globe have successfully completed a training program. The students representing over 35 parties attended a one to five day course. The training service in Guangzhou facilitates the sharing of knowledge regarding product handling procedures, responsibility and safety.
The new Stahl Campus® is part of the Center of Excellence in Guangzhou and offers several training modules that cover the entire leather supply chain (see infographic). The specific interpretation of these modules is established after consultation with clients. The modules for technicians and students are supported by top leather schools and universities.

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