Adjustment of the Elementar branding strategy

23-Jan-2017 - Germany

Elementar is known as a manufacturer of analytical instruments for organic elemental analysis. Furthermore, the product portfolio contains mass spectrometers, developed and manufactured from the 100 % subsidiary Isoprime. To make clear that both brands belong together and to exploit synergy effects, all Isoprime products will be marketed within the Elementar brand.

Isoprime was acquired by Elementar in 2008 and was marketed as an independent brand within the umbrella brand Elementar Group. This ensured the positive reputation of the products in the market: Isoprime is a pioneer in the field of mass spectrometry for over 40 years, in the tradition of Vacuum Generators in Manchester.

The disadvantage of this strategy was that the connection between Elementar and Isoprime is not clearly visible, even though both companies are closely interlinked – most of the time the products are used in combination by customers. To gain more efficiency and exploit synergy effects, all Isoprime products will in future be marketed within the Elementar brand. The company is now present as one strong brand worldwide – irrespective whether the office is in China, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, USA or in Great Britain.

Mr. Albrecht Sieper, director of Elementar Analysensysteme GmbH, justifies the decision as follows: „It is the logical consequence of our expanded worldwide presence. We are one company, which offers cutting-edge technology in the fields of elemental analysis and stable isotope analysis – and that is how we want to be recognized in the market.”

Except the change of the brand name, there are no further changes for Isoprime customers: They will further benefit from professional service and their well-known contact partners, which remain unchanged at the company.

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