09-Mar-2001 - MWG Biotech AG

Millipore and MWG-Biotech sign co-marketing agreement to offer integrated solutions to the genomics researcher

Montage Life Science Kits and Automated Biosystems

Millipore Corporation (NYSE:MIL) and MWG-Biotech (NEMAX:NWU) announced today a non-exclusive agreement in which MWG-Biotech will market Millipore’s new Montage Life Science Kits in conjunction with MWG-Biotech’s Automated Biosystems for several genomics sample preparation applications in Europe, North America, and other selected countries.

The agreement further strengthens the two companies’ competitive edge in the nucleic acid purification field by providing integrated total solutions to the genomics researcher. MWG-Biotech’s Automated Biosystems and Millipore’s Montage sample prep kits are combined into optimal packages that make genomics applications faster, more efficient, highly reproducible and easier to perform in high-throughput conditions.

MWG-Biotech offers its Automated Biosystems series for complete lab automation. This series contains a full range of automated high tech platforms designed for tailor-made solutions to ensure great flexibility, exact process control and high-throughput in a great number of lab processes in molecular biology. Fields of application are the diagnostics of disease-relevant DNA-regions and basic genome research to acquire new data. Millipore’s Montage Life Science kits will be used on MWG-Biotech’s Automated Biosystems platforms to be launched in Q1 of this year for the complete automation of plasmid purification, PCR product purification, sequencing reaction set-up, cycling, and removal of non-incorporated terminators.

Millipore’s Montage Life Science Kits combine Millipore’s innovative size exclusion separation platforms with high quality reagents and robust protocols that make nucleic acid sample preparations fast, easy, and automation-friendly, and provide the customer with high quality DNA template preps.

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