TOPIGEN Pharmaceuticals Inc. signs development and manufacturing agreement with The Dow Chemical Company


TOPIGEN Pharmaceuticals Inc. and The Dow Chemical Company recently signed a joint agreement for Dowpharma, Dow's pharmaceutical manufacturing services business unit, to supply select, proprietary oligonucleotides to TOPIGEN.

TOPIGEN's pharmaceutical development program, based primarily on a unique and synergistic blend of antisense oligonucleotides, is directed toward the treatment of a host of inflammatory respiratory diseases. TOPIGEN's therapeutic platform is predicated on engaging multiple, not single, genes, which significantly broadens the anti-inflammatory response. The effectiveness of this approach has been amply borne out by proof-of-concept trials with TOPIGEN's lead product for the treatment of asthma.

Dowpharma, with its unique and well-grounded combination of oligonucleotide experience, process engineering capabilities and regulatory compliance record will provide a high-quality and reliable source of supply as oligonucleotide-based products move through the phases of clinical trials to commercial production. Dowpharma is currently providing its clients with both laboratory (campaigns to 100g) and mid-scale (campaigns to 5kg) cGMP oligonucleotide development and manufacturing capabilities. A commercial unit (~500kg annual capacity) will be on-line later in 2003.

This collaboration synergizes the strengths of both organizations - TOPIGEN's in the discovery and commercialization of novel therapeutics and Dowpharma in analytical and process development, and scale-up from the laboratory to cGMP commercial production.

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