13-Mar-2003 - Oxford Instruments plc

New XRF Benchtop Analyser from Oxford Instruments

Oxford Instruments announce the launch of a new compact and versatile XRF spectrometer - the Twin-X.

A unique elemental analysis system allowing the rapid, non-destructive measurement of solids, liquids, powders, pastes etc., the Twin-X can be used, for example, in production control (QC), research and development or education.

Oxford Instruments have combined two proven detector technologies giving optimum performance over a wide elemental range. In addition, a unique 10 position autosampler, integrated PC with clear, powerful, resident software, method template wizard, and on-line bubble help, makes the Twin-X a valuable, easy to use and versatile addition to any laboratory.

The Twin-X brings cost effective, flexible EDXRF spectrometry into the 21st Century.

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