Dow Introduces TRITON(TM) EF and TERGITOL(TM) L Low Foam Surfactants

New Product Line Combines Environmental Viability with High Performance


The Functional Solutions & surfactants business of The Dow Chemical Company is introducing two new product lines, TRITON(TM) EF and TERGITOL(TM) L low foam surfactants, expanding its offering to the cleaning market segment.

The TRITON EF product line offers low foam performance at low temperatures and good detergency and wetting. These nonionic surfactants are used in a wide variety of applications including metal cleaners and other hard surface cleaners, spray cleaners, rinse aids, auto-dish detergents, and textile processing auxiliaries.

TERGITOL L Series surfactants are high performance products that feature excellent solvency, low foam characteristics and chemical stability. These surfactants are particularly effective where defoaming agents are required, such as autodish detergents, industrial and institutional cleaning and clean-in-place applications like food, dairy and brewery cleaning.

Both lines provide key performance benefits and a favorable environmental profile, making it well-suited for development of global formulations

"These new low foam surfactants are the result of Dow's focus on technological innovation and product development," said Julie Fasone Holder, Business Director for Functional Solutions & Surfactants. "We had two objectives in the development of TRITON EF and TERGITOL L surfactants: to achieve key performance requirements for the cleaning market segment while meeting global environmental standards".

All TRITON EF and TERGITOL L surfactants are compatible with anionic, cationic and other nonionic surfactants.

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