07-Aug-2003 - Novo Nordisk A/S

New Bulk Insulin plant completed by Novo Nordisk Engineering

Novo Nordisk Engineering, the Denmark based design and engineering contractor for pharmaceutical plants, has just completed a EURO 300 Million project to build a factory for the bulk production and purification of Insulin. The IBP plant, at Kalundborg in Denmark, has been an International project, co-ordinated by NNE across suppliers in Canada, Germany and the UK, to name but three.

Constructed using the "Modular Plant" concept developed by NNE, the main 200 metre long production hall has nine auxiliary plants located as side buildings feeding the central dual stream production lines. These auxiliary facilities include a CIP cleaning plant, a cooling/refrigeration plant, an HPLC column and a high capacity water purification plant , prior to ozone sterilisation, plus laboratories and workshops.

All these services are supplied to the required points on the main fermentation, purification and crystallisation production lines, which can mean up to 300 separate connection circuits. The dual stream production lines use several large fermenters and a supporting tank farm, built and then installed on site by a German contractor.

The factory computer system co-ordinates, controls and records the production process, according to any of the 800 recipes established, selecting from 17,000 operations. During the process, extensive quality data is gathered, and used to generate a batch report for each processing area, an essential requirement for pharma production.

"Managing such a project, involving 800 workers on site, and 500 NNE staff, has been an enormous challenge," said Ole Regnar Hansen, project Director: "All of the many NNE skills and Know-How have been used. NNE also undertook 90% of the huge task of qualifying this large pharmaceutical plant. The NNE Managing Director, Hans Ole Voigt, added that: "This project has been a unique catalyst for growth, providing us with invaluable know-how and skills that enhance our capabilities for future pharma projects".

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