03-Sep-2004 - Waters Corporation

Waters Corporation Announces Vendor Agreement with Chromsystems

Waters Corporation has entered into a vendor agreement with Chromsystems GmbH in Munich Germany, which will manufacture chemistry kits for Waters to bundle with its mass spectrometers and LC/MS systems in supporting clinical research applications of LC-MS(/MS). The first kits are being developed for the study of therapeutic drugs and will be bundled with the Micromass® Quattro micro(TM) and Quattro Premier(TM) systems, and should be available in 2004. The kits will enable Waters to provide complete solutions, systems, service and consumables, for the clinical research laboratories. Waters already markets its Quattro micro systems for neonatal screening of the inherited metabolic disorder phenylketonuria.

The new products made for Waters clinical research program will launch Chromsystems into the supply of reagent kits for LC-MS(/MS) applications. The utility of their products in both routine analysis and research and development laboratories has become an industry standard. Many clinical and medical analyses in laboratories, clinics, institutes and the pharmaceutical industry are performed with the aid of their products.

All processes from development right up to the production of reagent kits will be coordinated and carried out in Chromsystems Laboratories in Munich. All products are subject to the strictest quality controls, in accordance with national and international standards.

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