06-Sep-2004 - Great Lakes Chemical Corporation

GLCC Laurel Increases Smoke Suppressant And Specialty Flame Retardant Prices

INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA-GLCC Laurel, LLC today announced that the company will increase the global price for its smoke suppressant and specialty flame retardants product lines, where contracts allow, for shipments after September 15, 2004. The price will increase $.10 per lb. for zinc borate and ONGARD® 2 and ONCOR® 75RA smoke suppressants and $.20-$.30 per lb. for SMOKEBLOC® smoke suppressants.

The zinc borate and ONGARD 2 price increases are driven by cost increases in zinc oxide and magnesium oxide that the company has experienced over the last six months. The new prices for ONCOR 75RA and SMOKEBLOC smoke suppressants reflect the recent major increases in the London Metal Bulletin (LMB) value for antimony metal and its impact on the cost of finished antimony derivatives as well as the cost increases in zinc and magnesium oxides.

These materials as well as the company's antimony trioxide products are used in flame retardant polymer formulations that are widely used in electrical and electronics applications.

GLCC Laurel, LLC develops, produces, and markets antimony-based flame retardants, synergists, and catalysts. The company is a 50-50 joint venture that combined the antimony oxide businesses of Great Lakes Chemical Corporation and Occidental Chemical's Laurel Industries in April 2004.

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