27-Nov-2000 -

New generation Philips spectrometers meet the flexibility requirements the polymers and plastics industry demands

By launching the latest MagiX and MagiX PRO X-ray fluorescence (XRF) spectrometers, Philips Analytical offers ideal solutions for the highly competitive polymers and plastics industry. Not only do they deliver accuracy, speed and reliability, they also havethe flexibility to handle the diversity of physical forms - including films, coatings, resins, gels, and foams -encountered in raw material processing, product manufacturing and end-of-life recycling.

National and international environmental legislation, tougher cost management in an increasingly global market, and demands for quality control are just some of the issues compelling polymers and plastic manufactures to look at elemental analysis. Within the industry itself, analysis is required in research and development, process control, and quality management of raw materials, additives, catalysts, compounds and end products. And as re-cycling becomes increasingly important, sorting and grading material is a growing application area. The variety of materials and the diversity of physical forms are tough requirements for X-ray spectrometers.

The MagiX and MagiX PRO are extremely versatile, and can analyze both liquid and solid samples, including beads, and pressed- or loose powders. The MagiX solutions cover all these requirements, and are designed to handle future needs without having to invest in new equipment.

In the past, the high cost and complication of chemical analysis, and the need for highly trained staff were barriers for many companies. But the ease of use, reliability and accurate results that characterize the MagiX solutions have overcome these drawbacks. Polymers and plastics manufacturing will be able to experience better process control, higher cost efficiency and a much clearer overview of the environmental impact.

Modular system solutions The standard MagiX is ideal for high-performance process- and quality control applications in a production environment. The top-of-the-range MagiX PRO is more powerful in terms of speed, flexibility and overall performance. It has low detection limits for analyzing different types and shapes of sample, operates over a wider range of ambient conditions and incorporates six interchangeable collimator masks. MagiX solutions are made for long-term reliability with a high Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF). Built-in (remote) diagnostic functions and rapid-response customer support are also part of the MagiX solution. These are critical issues for 24-hour manufacturing operations where downtime is costly.

Reducing the need for specialized skills Special attention is paid to ease-of-use so that the MagiX solutions can increase operator efficiency without the need for specialized skills. This is particularly important in production plants where spectrometry specialists may not be available.

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