Microspectrometer as Small as Your Fingertip

Hamamatsu’s spectroscopy solutions

Hamamatsu’s product range for optical analytics comprises not only small components like highly sensitive photomultipliers and photodiodes. Our mini-spectrometers are well introduced in the market and cover a large spectral range. A new model was designed especially for Raman measurements. But still for some uses Mini is still too big, therefore Hamamatsu developed our brand new micro-spectrometer- a fingertip sized, ultra-compact spectrometer head integrating MEMS and image sensors technologies - for use in hand-held measurement instruments.

For special applications Hamamatsu provides dedicated measurement systems like our new Quantaurus-QY+ for absolute quantum yield measurements in the VIS and NIR region. The Quantaurus-Tau measures fluorescence and phosphorescence lifetimes of physical and biological samples with single photon counting sensitivity. An NIR version was developed for investigations of solar cells in the NIR spectral region. These spectrometers, although compact comprise all necessary components incl. light source, sample chamber, detector and all necessary optical components. They also are supplied with dedicated software which not only controls hardware and measurement setup but also offers a range of analysis functions.

For ultrafast measurements our streak cameras offer the highest time resolution coupled with the possibility to measure the whole spectral range at the same time.

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