16-Dec-2004 - Oxford Instruments plc

Oxford Instruments Superconductivity announces the world's first 950MHz magnet system for NMR Spectroscopy

In May 2005, Oxford University's Department of Biochemistry will take delivery of the world's first 22.31 Tesla, 950MHz NMR magnet system for Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) Spectroscopy. The 950 MHz magnet system, manufactured by Oxford Instruments Superconductivity for the university's NMR Protein Structure Group, generates the highest commercially available field strength for NMR. A new Niobium based superconductor with significantly enhanced critical current density capacity (Jc) has been developed for the 950 MHz system by sister company, Oxford Superconducting Technology, in Cateret New Jersey. The introduction of this new superconductor provides the additional Jc necessary for the development of UHF NMR magnet systems without the requirement to revert to high temperature superconductors for the innermost windings of the NMR magnet. This new superconductor allows for the design of more compact solenoids whilst maintaining already industry-leading operational parameters,such as central field drift and homogeneity.

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