30-Mar-2005 - Labcyte Inc.

Labcyte Receives Patent for Producing Mono-Dispersed and Multi-Layer Particles with Focused Acoustics

Labcyte Inc. received its 18th patent. U.S. Patent 6,869,551 discloses the use of focused acoustic energy to create particles with a very narrow distribution of size. Acoustic droplet ejection (ADE) of a solution containing dissolved materials produces these mono-dispersed particles. In addition, multi-layer particles form when droplets are ejected from layered immiscible fluids. ADE droplets solidify via solvent evaporation, exposure to an anti-solvent or via chemical processes such as polymerization. In contrast to other techniques, this method is compatible with volatile and near saturation solutions. It also eliminates the need for a nozzle and thus does not suffer from the clogging that makes other approaches unreliable.

Dr. Elaine J. Heron, Chief Executive Officer of Labcyte Inc., said, "Small particles of controllable size and composition provide predictability in a variety of applications. Uniformity in particle size allows materials to behave and function consistently, an attribute that is especially advantageous for the pharmaceutical industry, where the particle size of a therapeutic agent can affect the dissolution rate, bioavailability, and delivery to targeted portions of the lung."

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