Rohm and Haas Powder Coatings Receives First Responsible Care Management System (RCMS) Site Certification


Rohm and Haas powder coatings is delighted to announce that its Reading, Pennsylvania, facility is the first site in the world to receive the RCMS® Site Certification awarded by the American Chemical Council (ACC).

When Raj Gupta, Chairman and CEO of Rohm and Haas Company, became Chairman of the ACC in 2003, he made a public declaration of Rohm and Haas' support of the ACC's Responsible Care initiative. He also announced Rohm and Haas' commitment to conducting the first RCMS® pilot site audit at the company's powder coatings site in Reading, Pennsylvania, USA.

The ACC's Responsible Care initiative was launched in the 1980s to demonstrate a willingness, on behalf of the chemistry industry, to set high standards for the behavior of chemical companies in local communities. The ACC has since then proceeded to enhance the business value of Responsible Care and ensure that the industry uses technology and products in a way that both respects peoples' health and the environment and increases the industry's sustainability for the long run.

Rohm and Haas Powder Coatings' Reading site has also played a role in the ACC's ongoing efforts to identify commonalities between the RCMS® auditing process and the U.S. Government's Occupational Safety & Health Administration's (OSHA) Voluntary Protection Programs (VPP) - attaining VPP Star status on May 18th, 2004. The VPP sets performance-based criteria for a managed safety and health system, invites sites to apply, and then assesses applicants against these criteria to assure safe and healthful working conditions as far as possible for every working man and woman in the Nation.

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