DSM starts project to create overall e-business infrastructure

Acceleration of all processes and interactions between DSM and its customers and suppliers


DSM has started the first phase of an important project to create an overall e-business infrastructure, which will further enable DSM's customers and suppliers to do business with DSM via the Internet. The overall project includes an integration platform for DSM's own ERP systems and other back-end systems, an online store and system-to-system connectivity which links directly into the customers or suppliers internal systems from DSM's internal systems. Furthermore, a range of tools to support the "prospect to order" phase, such as virtual collaboration rooms for product development, communication with customers, as well as online technical service are included.

The integration platform is designed for the sell side and the buy side as well as to support internal processes. This first phase of the project covers the basic infrastructure and the sell side. It will offer DSM customers the possibility to perform a full range of commercial activities such as online ordering and automatic transmission of transactions. Either via a web browser (Asera technology) or system-to-system connectivity (webMethods technology). The platform will also connect directly to e-marketplaces like Elemica.

Flexible DSM system "The chosen e-business infrastructure will accelerate all processes and interactions between DSM and its customers and suppliers. Not only the buying and selling transactions themselves, but also the complex process leading to a deal involving intense collaboration with customers in the automotive industry or with pharma companies in drug development," says Feike Sijbesma, member of DSM's Managing Board and responsible for e-business. "For our ambitious goals on e-business it is absolutely necessary to have a flexible system. The chosen platform ensures easy integration of future acquisitions and connecting to new customers, suppliers and partners."

"The integration platform is a major step forward in realizing DSM's ICT Strategy," adds Henk van Dalen, member of DSM's Managing Board with responsibility for ICT. "This e-business infrastructure project builds upon the recent investments in ICT infrastructure and ongoing SAP Standardization. Our conscious choice to go step by step prevented us from a high cost pioneering start. We can now maximally leverage the learning curve in this field of application."

Accenture, which has already been engaged in developing DSM's e-business strategy and architecture, will also be involved in the implementation of this e-business infrastructure project.

e-business strategy DSM envisions that a significant percentage of activities will be conducted and supported through web-enabled tools and has progressed considerably in the past year implementing its e-business strategy. Important steps included investments in a number of marketplaces, e.g. Elemica, Omnexus and ChemConnect, and the introduction of solutions for placing orders online, for Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI), as well as for online technical service and virtual collaboration for product development and communication with customers.

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