Mobile multi-function mini laboratory


Schott-Geräte in Mainz will launch their new generation of handylab portable meters at the Biotechnica in Hanover. The new handylab generation is available in seven versions with extended functions. The handy, pocket-sized, battery-operated instruments are ideally suited for on-site applications. The set, in a practical case with the matching measuring cell, calibration solution and measuring vessel, provides the user with a purpose-built mini-laboratory.

The multi-parameter pocket meter handylab pH/LF12 can be used to determine pH-value, redox potential, conductivity and temperature. As a real all-rounder, the handylab multi12 can also measure oxygen concentration. These instruments also have data storage functions, so the measured values can be recorded manually or automatically on site for later evaluation in the office or laboratory.

The handylab pH11 and pH12 are general purpose pH Meters for the measurement of pH, mV and °C. The fully automatic single one, two or three-step calibration using pre-programmed DIN or technical buffer data in the instruments is of particular benefit for use in the field.

The cell constant of the conductivity meters LF11 and LF12 can be adjusted over a wide range. The user can select between two output modes specific resistance and conductivity.

The handylab OX12 can be used to measure oxygen concentration, saturation index and temperature. The handylab OX12 compensates automatically for changes in temperature and atmospheric pressure. The influence of high salt content on Oxygen concentration measurement may also be compensated for by entering the measured salinity.

All handylab 12 models have a data memory, a serial interface and an optional power pack is available for use at fixed workstations.

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