17-Oct-2001 - MWG Biotech AG

New RoboSeq 2500 DT automated biosystem for molecular biology applications

With the new fully automated lab robot RoboSeq 2500 DT Disposable Tips, MWG-Biotech announces the official commercialization of the latest member of its successful series of Automated Biosystems. The new system was officially launched on Biotechnica in Hanover at the beginning of October.

The RoboSeq 2500 DT offers two new exciting features that enable the complete automation of a large variety of lab applications: The new Diposable Tip unit can store and automatically handle up to 960 one way tips. The system will automatically load the tips and dispose of the used tips. If required, the robot can be changed from disposable to washable tip application. The RoboSeq 2500 DT has an integrated PCR unit for thermocycling.

"The RoboSeq 2500 DT is our answer to a request of our customers for creating fast and efficient robotic application solutions with contamination free pipetting of low volumes," says Dr. Wolfgang Heimberg, Chief Officer of Genomic Instruments at MWG-Biotech. "The really exciting feature of this new robot is that it can offer complete automation for very complex process combinations, that up to now could only be handled subsequently. For example, it will fully automate the complete processing of plasmid purification, sequence reaction set-up, the actual sequencing and dye terminator removal without any user intervention being required."

The new RoboSeq 2500 DT Automated Biosystem provides a flexible platform for a wide range of molecular biology applications: complete automation of plasmid and PCR purification, dye terminator removal, set up of sequencing reactions, set up of PCR reactions and thermal cycling on one single platform.

High process security ensures constant result reliability. At the same time the system is extremely user friendly: it only takes ten minutes to completely load the robot, after that the system can process up to 2.000 samples per run without requiring further user intervention.

Over the next two years MWG-Biotech expects to sell circa 50 units of this new robot.

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