19-Dec-2001 - Varian, Inc.

Varian, Inc. Digital Compact Leak Detector Offers Exclusive Technology

Varian, Inc. (Nasdaq:VARI) today unveiled enhanced leak detector technology designed to provide ease of use, productivity, and integrity in manufacturing systems for production, assembly, or verification testing. The 990 dCLD II is a helium mass spectrometer leak detector designed to serve as a component in original equipment manufacturer (OEM) systems such as those in the automotive, refrigeration, and industrial uses. Component leak detectors test the integrity of the product being manufactured whether it is an automobile air conditioner, home refrigerator, or semiconductor package.

The 990 dCLD II offers several advantages, including unique technology allowing the system to eliminate a "false negative" reading. This feature greatly reduces the chance of operator error and assures repeatable results and more reliable leak testing in a production environment.

"Varian, Inc.'s innovative solutions span a breadth of vacuum markets and applications, thus providing a measure of stability," says Allen J. Lauer, Varian, Inc. president and CEO. "The new Varian 990 dCLD II leak detector is just one example of a unique product that is used in a variety of manufacturing environments to monitor product quality and production integrity."

For example, Michigan Automotive Compressor, Inc. (MACI) has specified the 990 dCLDII for use in their latest production line and upgrading their current production lines, over a cabinet style leak detector. Working with Varian applications personnel, the 990 dCLD II is part of a solution that enables significant overall system cost reductions.

Varian, Inc. developed and patented contra-flow(TM), enabling superior uptime and reduced maintenance. The contra-flow standard is now used by a majority of integrators building test systems based on helium mass spectrometers. The 990 dCLD II is built upon Varian's proven leak detector electronics architecture.

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