20-Dec-2001 - Millipore Corporation

Millipore and Proteome Systems Launch In-Gel Digest Kits for Protein Sample Preparation

Proteome Systems Limited and Millipore Corporation announced the new Millipore Montage(TM) In-Gel Digest Kits, the first kits introduced since the relationship between Proteome Systems and Millipore was announced earlier this year. The kits provide a convenient and reproducible method for simultaneously preparing multiple gel samples for mass spectrometry.

Bill Emhiser, president of Millipore's life sciences division, noted: "These new In-Gel Digest Kits bring to proteomics what our other kits have brought to genomics: a convenient, all-in-one kit that saves time in the laboratory by increasing throughput, standardizing protocols, and ensuring reproducibility. The new kits are a real time saver - eliminating the need for researchers to source from multiple vendors, prepare their own reagents, and optimize protocols. They also increase throughput many times over the current common practice of preparing one sample at a time."

Dr. Keith Williams, CEO of Proteome Systems, said: "Our expertise in proteomics coupled with Millipore's expertise in device manufacturing and sample preparation technologies has enabled us to co-develop a product quickly, and start serving researchers doing critical protein work around the world. The reagent manufacturing and kit assembly is taking place in our Boston facility. We are looking forward to developing with Millipore additional kits over the coming months and years."

Both of the initial kits include MultiScreen(R), a low binding 96-well filtration plate, as well as all the enzymes, reagents, and disposables necessary for digesting up to 96 protein samples from one- or two-dimensional electrophoresis gels. One of the kits also includes ZipTip(R) pipette tips for concentrating and desalting samples providing improved MS data quality. The kits include an optimized protocol that provides data for successful database searches on 250 femtomole gel samples. Future kits are under development for use in automated instrumentation. For more information, go to www.millipore.com/montage.

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