UOP and University of Southern California developing technology to produce cleaner-burning fuels from carbon dioxide

Technology to produce methanol and dimethyl ether from CO2 aimed at reducing greenhouse gases


UOP LLC, a Honeywell company, announced that it will partner with the University of Southern California's (USC) Loker Hydrocarbon Research Institute to develop and commercialize new technology to transform carbon dioxide into clean-burning alternative fuels.

USC developed fundamental chemistry to transform carbon dioxide to methanol or dimethyl ether, two potentially cleaner-burning alternatives to traditional transportation fuels, thereby reducing emissions of carbon dioxide, a gas known to contribute to global warming. The agreement grants UOP exclusive access rights for commercialization of technology and intellectual property developed by USC researchers for production of methanol, dimethyl ether and other chemicals from undesirable carbon dioxide. UOP and USC will jointly work on development for a commercially viable process.

"The development of this technology could have significant impact on global energy security, and global warming by converting carbon dioxide into useful products and making new clean fuel technologies available to UOP customers worldwide," said Nobel Laureate and director of USC's Loker Hydrocarbon Research Institute George A. Olah.

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