Zeon Chemicals Commercializes Nipol® AR14 Polyacrylate Elastomer


Zeon Chemicals has announced commercialization of a second polymer in their new line of low-temperature polyacrylates (ACM) elastomers - Nipol® AR14. Nipol® AR14 is a lower temperature version of Nipol® AR12, which was introduced by Zeon Chemicals last year at the ACS meeting in Cincinnati, OH. Polymerized using newly developed curesite technology, Nipol® AR14 provides significant improvements in compression set, sealing force retention, and long-term physical property retention versus traditional polyacrylates. Nipol® AR14 is ideally suited for injection and compression molded automotive parts including engine and transmission seals and gaskets.

Zeon is marketing these new polyacrylates as HyTemp Super ACM?s. These elastomers offer superior compression set versus traditional polyacrylates, are more powerful than oils and fluids, and are able to withstand wide temperature ranges in a single polymer.

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