Bruker AXS Announces Technology Joint Venture for Innovative X-ray Optics


MADISON, Wis., Feb 1, 2002-- Bruker AXS Inc., a provider of advanced X-ray solutions for the life and advanced materials sciences, announced today that it has entered into a joint venture for research, development and production of X-ray optics based on innovative coating technologies. As part of the joint venture, Bruker AXS will hold a 51% stake in INCOATEC GmbH, a German company that was spun-off from the GKSS, a materials research center located in Geesthacht, Germany.

Dr. Martin Haase, President and CEO of Bruker AXS, said, "This joint venture further enhances our already broad in-house technology portfolio, and allows us to drive development of next-generation optics technologies for our life science and materials science systems. GKSS will license its relevant patents to INCOATEC, which will be managed by Dr. Carsten Michaelsen and Dr. Joerge Wiesmann, two leading scientists in the field of coating technologies."

He continued, "We have been working with the GKSS scientists for several years, and we are very pleased to see our long-standing R&D collaboration now result in the commercialization of high-intensity X-ray optics which will improve the performance of our products even further. Bruker AXS will exclusively market the INCOATEC products through its established global distribution organization, and will provide capital and R&D resources to optimize the use of these optics in the field of X-ray instrumentation."

Dr. Carsten Michaelsen, Co-Managing Director of INCOATEC GmbH, added, "We are excited about the formation of this joint venture with Bruker AXS. It will allow us to deploy the technologies which we have developed in the last decade. Bruker AXS' excellent R&D and distribution organization will not only enable us to grow our business but will also bring opportunities for further development."

"The formation of technology ventures is fully in line with GKSS' strategy, and we strongly support this venture. We are proud to see our technologies being commercialized through a technology company founded by our scientists. The financial and R&D involvement of Bruker AXS will guarantee the long-term future of this new company. This is the way we like R&D collaborations to evolve," commented Dr. Guenter von Sengbusch, Scientific Director of the GKKS research center.

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