DSM and Avantium announce research collaboration in high throughput experimentation for life science products


4 February 2002 - DSM and Avantium Technologies announced that they have entered into a cooperation agreement to discover new and improved catalytic systems relevant to DSM's life sciences business. Avantium will conduct services/order_t/'>services relating to high throughput experimentation and simulation methods in order to perform screening experiments related to catalytic systems for the production of specialty chemicals. DSM's initial commitment to this phase of the project amounts to about EUR 1 million, with further follow-on phases under discussion. High Throughput Experimentation High throughput experimentation is a rapidly growing R&D tool in chemical research and deals with methods and concepts aimed at increasing the output of research. This tool enables screening a large number of catalysts/order_t/'>catalysts and/or process conditions on a small scale. Robotics and other automation tools are developed at each step along with advanced informatics/order_t/'>informatics and modelling systems.

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