21-Aug-2008 - University of California, Santa Cruz

Oxford Nanopore Technologies Announces License Agreement with University of California, Santa Cruz

Oxford Nanopore Technologies Ltd announced the completion of an exclusive license agreement to develop nanopore science developed at the University of California, Santa Cruz (“UCSC”), in the laboratories of Professors David Deamer and Mark Akeson.

Oxford Nanopore will also fund research in the laboratories of Professors Deamer and Akeson, who have pioneered the science of using protein nanopores to analyse DNA molecules. Applications of the platform include single-molecule DNA sequencing and molecular sensing. Advancement of this technology is expected to benefit basic medical research and further the field of personalised medicine.

This follows an agreement with Harvard University to in-license a broad range of nanopore technologies that included some discoveries from UCSC. The Company also holds agreements with other institutions in nanopore science including the University of Oxford, Texas A&M, the University of Massachusetts Medical School and the US National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). Together this places Oxford Nanopore in a unique and leading position for bringing first and future generations of nanopore technology to the market.

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