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Scientists have developed fluorophores that are 2.4 to 20 times more intense than analogues

The new material will help improve displays on smartphones, computers, and televisions


Scientists have developed, synthesized, and studied a series of new fluorophores, a luminous chemical compound. These are the new cyanopyrazine-based bullet systems. Studies have shown that the presence of cyanogroup substance in the composition of fluorophores significantly increases the ...


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BASF to wind down activities in Russia and Belarus

Except for business that supports food production


As announced on March 3, 2022, BASF has not conducted new business in Russia and Belarus, in light of the war of aggression against Ukraine ordered by the Russian government. BASF strongly condemns the Russian attack on Ukraine and the violence against the civilian population. The Board of ...


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Artificial intelligence “reading” and “understanding” research papers

Researchers from a startup train neural network to recognize chemical formulas from research papers


Researchers from Syntelly— a startup that originated at Skoltech— Lomonosov Moscow State University, and Sirius University have developed a neural network-based solution for automated recognition of chemical formulas on research paper scans. Thestudy was published in Chemistry-Methods, a ...


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Scientists pack centuries of organic chemistry into neat 2D visualization

New method for visualizing chemical reactions


Researchers from Skoltech, Lomonosov Moscow State University, and Sirius University of Science andTechnology have proposed a new method for visualizing chemical reactions to help scientists understand the global chemical reaction space and come up with ways of synthesizing organic compounds used ...


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Chemists synthesise the smallest nano-sized particles to detect heavy metal ions in water


Scientists at St Petersburg University, Sirius University of Science and Technology, and St Petersburg Academic University have synthesised the smallest nano-sized metal-organic frameworks to detect heavy metal ions in water. The results and outcomes of the experiments and description of the ...


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Novel polymer can boost performance of organic and perovskite solar cells


Skoltech researchers and their colleagues have synthesized a new conjugated polymer for organic electronics using two different chemical reactions and shown the impact of the two methods on its performance inorganic and perovskite solar cells. The paper was published in the journal ...


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Chemist strengthens the catalyst for oxidiazoles synthesis by 3 times


RUDN and Shahid Beheshti University (SBU) chemist proposed a protocol for converting cellulose into a catalyst for the synthesis of oxadiazoles. The new approach makes the catalyst 3 times more stable compared to the same catalyst obtained by the traditional method. The results are published in ...


TPU scientists offer scalable technology to obtain polytetrafluoroethylene membranes

"The main advantage of the method is that the small laboratory installation is not different from an industrial one by its core and processes."


Scientists of Tomsk Polytechnic University were able to obtain polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) membranes using electrospinning. PTFE is known to be the most stable existent polymer. According to the scientists, it is a simple, affordable and easily scalable method, which will allow obtaining ...


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Chemists created cheap catalysts for ethanol conversion

Important stage in the development of an alternative technology for obtaining valuable chemical synthesis products based on plant raw materials


RUDN University chemists proposed a new way to synthesize catalysts for the conversion of ethyl alcohol. The obtained materials are promising catalysts for the selective conversion of ethanol, which is an important stage in the development of an alternative technology for obtaining valuable ...


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Researchers proposed an attractive cheap organic material for batteries

New molecular design principle for battery polyimides


A new report by Skoltech scientists and their colleagues describes an organic material for the new generation of energy storage devices, which structure follows an elegant molecular design principle. It has recently been published in ACS Applied Energy Materials and made the cover of the ...


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