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C. F. Maier GmbH & Co KG, Germany


Plaquimet S.A., Argentina

OUR TECHNICIANS AND PROFESSIONALS work every day to obtain the excellence of the products and services PROMOTING THE SATISFACTION of our clients, the growth of the sector and the sustainability. For this they have the support of our modern infrastructure. more

Alberdingk Boley GmbH, Germany

Alberdingk Boley, Inc. (ABI) is a global supplier of innovative water-based dispersions. With roots dating back to 1700s; driven by tradition and innovative technology, ABI is a proud, responsive supplier of environmentally friendly water-based emulsions and dispersions to the paint and coatings, ad more

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RealTimeChem Week:

The graphic takes a look at the research of Econic Technologies, a company which uses catalysts to incorporate captured waste carbon dioxide into polymers, which can themselves be incorporated into useful plastics. more

The Chemistry of an Electric Guitar

Electric guitars, on the face of it, might not seem to have much to do with chemistry. However, the materials that make them up are carefully chosen for their chemical properties, without which they simply wouldn’t function. In this graphic, we take a look at some of these materials, and their typic more

A Guide to Common Household Plastics

Plastic is everywhere in our day to day lives – but, of course, ‘plastic’ is just a catch-all term for a range of different chemical substances. This graphic takes a look at some of the more common plastics we encounter on a regular basis, and examines their chemical structures. Below, we’ll also ta more

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