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High-Capacity, Flexible Laboratory Washer for Perfect Lavation of Lab Glas Equipment

New cleaning technology for lab glasware of almost any shape and size thanks to more than 100 loading options

The new lab washers from Miele Professional are more powerful than ever before – and require less water, electricity and process chemicals. This is the result of a new and intelligent water circulation system which adjusts the spray pressure in each individual programme phase to specific requirements. The undercounter models also feature a modular load carrier system for accommodating laboratory glassware of all shapes and sizes. This ensures the ultimate in reprocessing flexibility.

Modular inserts offering more than 100 loading options

Whether laboratory phials, round or Erlenmeyer flasks, pipettes or whatever: With only four different load carriers, Miele Professional clients are now able to configure a loading system to suit their individual and specific requirements. Two laboratory modules can be fitted on each of the two rack levels. Fitting in the upper and lower baskets is both simple and intuitive. If fewer than four modules are required, the free space can be used for inserts – for example to accommodate beakers or test tubes with a favourable shape not requiring the use of injectors.

In addition to the four basic modules, a special module for large-capacity measuring cylinders has recently been introduced. This module features coated rests which prevent scratches to glassware.

Now with ergonomic storage cabinet for cleanser and neutraliser

The 90 cm wide lab washers feature an easy-to-operate pull-out side cabinet offering space for either two 10 l canisters or three 5 l canisters containing liquid detergent or neutralising agent. A drip tray liner provides a secure stand, is easy to clean and captures any chemical spillage in the event of containers leaking.

Highly efficient drying

EcoDry: When the washing program ends and the temperature in the wash cabinet drops below 70°C, the door automatically opens thanks to the AutoOpen function. This allows the residual moisture to easily escape from the wash cabinet and the washed items to dry faster.
DryPlus: Hot air drying is the ideal solution for complex and narrow-lumened laboratory glassware and utensils. An upstream HEPA class H13 filter ensures that air particles are optimally filtered out.


  • Excellent cleaning performance
  • No radiators inside the wash cabinet
  • Conductivity is monitored to ensure the right water quality
  • Patented salt container in the door allows refilling comfortably while standing instead of having to bend down
  • Thanks to AutoClose, slight contact between the door and the body is enough to close the door automatically
  • Variable pump speed for perfect rinsing pressures in every phase of the program
  • Various types of nozzles ensure that highly resistant residues are detached and that the items to be washed are evenly wetted
  • New side cabinet for storage of up to 20 L of liquid cleanser and neutralisation agent
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