Using contact angle meter to comprehensively characterise wetting behaviour, solids, and liquids

The Top 3 Advantages

Modular device can be fitted perfectly to almost all measuring needs


Measure contact angle of up to 30 picolitre small drops on small as well as on large-scale solids


Newly developed software offers smart user guidance, live analysis and instant replay functions

With its intuitive software and as a modular system, the OCA 200 answers to all customers’ needs

To optimise wetting behaviour and adhesion between solids and liquids, you must study them in detail. Applications lie, for example, in the development of coatings and composites. The characterisation of the solid's surface, the liquid and their interactions is comprehensively possible with a contact angle meter OCA 200 from DataPhysics Instruments. The modular device can be adapted to individual measuring needs with accessories such as a tilting device or a temperature control system.One powerful module is the dosing-system PDDS, which allows to dispense droplets down to 30 picolitre in size. With it, contact angles can be measured on small surfaces, like stents. Additionally, picolitre-drop measurements are possible on large-scale surfaces, like eight-inch wafers, as the distance between dosing position and camera is four inches. With its 10-fold-zoom, the camera can capture images at this distance easily.

The newly developed software dpiMAX aids the intuitive control of the OCA 200. It includes smart user guidance as well as features such as live analysis and instant replay.

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