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Whatman QM-C quartz filter paper

The Top 3 Advantages

Each batch comes with CoA and trace metal report including 27 metals


Temperature resistance up to 1200°C


Made of 100% high quality silica and from LEAN certified product lines

High purity and high temperature resistance quartz filter paper for air particulate testing

Whatman™ QM-C is manufactured with 100% high quality silica raw material without any additives or binders. From raw material to finished products, QM-C is subjected to rigorous in-process quality control and final release testing. Each batch is pre-fired and tested to ensure heavy metal content conforms to European and US EPA environmental standards for inorganic elements analysis in ambient air and stationary source emission.

While Whatman™ QM-C is designed for heavy metal and inorganic chemical analysis, it is also excellent for organic chemical analysis in air monitoring. The suitable applications include gravimetric analysis of PM2.5/PM10/TSP, heavy metal and PAHs, PCB and black carbon analysis etc. Due to its high-quality raw material, QM-C has excellent performance for black carbon analysis at 1200°C.

  • air monitoring

  • air particulate testing

  • heavy metal analysis

  • inorganic chemical analysis

  • stationary and ambient air monitoring

  • heavy metals

  • quartz filter paper

  • trace metal report

  • trace metals

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