Higher safety for the freeze drying of organic, solvent- containing samples - with new vacuum pump!

The Top 3 Advantages

Coated real-glass chamber for higher safety


Flow tube for optimum vapour flow


Deep-seated ice condenser to improve performance

Special system for safe freeze drying of organic samples containing solvents

The specialized system Alpha 3-4 LSCbasic is available in two different packet configurations: (1) Solvent package flask, (2) Universal solvent packet (flasks and storage surface)

Meets increased safety requirements for commonly flammable solvents.

• Unique system set-up especially for organic solvents

• Flexible use for a wide range of different applications with organic solvents thanks to two fixed packages

• Ice condenser temperature of –105°C with natural refrigerants

• Particularly easy operation with the LSCbasic control system

• Capacitive vacuum sensor

• Controlled vacuum and solvent-resistant vacuum pump

• EPDM seal suitable for solvents

• Integrated valve for inertisation

  • freeze-drying of solvents

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