Accelerated oxidation test for determining the oxidation stability of fats on the whole sample

The Top 3 Advantages

Representative results testing the whole sample


Resistance and reliability thanks to the premium titanium parts


Intuitive and powerful thanks to the OXISoft software that shows all the information at a glance

Accurate results for Quality Control and R&D Labs in F&B, pharma, chemical and cosmetic samples

The VELP OXITEST enables R&D and Quality Control labs to study the behavior of a sample by analyzing fat oxidation stability, according to AOCS Cd-12c-16.

Representative results are ensured since the analysis is directly performed on the sample, without requiring a preliminary fat extraction. By measuring the absolute pressure change of oxygen inside the two heated titanium chambers, and monitoring the oxygen uptake by reactive components in the sample, the OXITEST automatically generates the IP value, which is the starting point of oxidation.

The OXITEST is controlled by the OXISoft software, which shows program parameters, run conditions, and results. It comes with pre-installed methods and manages all the steps of the analysis, enabling different types of tests on goods such as repeatability tests, freshness tests, formula comparisons, packaging comparisons, IP during aging, and shelf-life estimation.

The connection to the VELP Ermes cloud enables you to remotely monitor and control the analyses and receive fast and tailored service and application support.

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