Best-In-Class Flash & Preparative Chromatography for Easy, Efficient & Profitable Purification

The Top 3 Advantages

Flash and Go: to get an appropriate purification method - just photograph your TLC plate


Load and Go: run your injections in automatic mode - just load your sample


Boost and Go: to temporarily increase flow rate without sample loss - launch our ‘rocket’

Safe and Automated 24/7 Fraction Collection with UV/VIS, ELS and/or MS Detection

Advion Interchim Scientific offers the ‘puriFlash’ product line – world-renowned Flash and preparative chromatography instruments, equipped with the latest technology and suitable for the best possible purification of (bio)chemicals at any level of difficulty.

The system's easy-to-use ‘Intersoft X’ software is powered by our proprietary ‘Genius’ artificial intelligence, which suggests suited purification methods based on HPLC or TLC data. It will help you choose from Interchim's wide range of high quality chromatography columns whose performance reflects years of experience in stationary phase development.

A fully integrated coupling with our Compact Mass Spectrometer would create the basis for a molecular mass-dependent fraction collection by conveniently expanding the variety of detection methods from UV/VIS plus ELSD to Mass Spectrometry.

  • chromatographic purification

  • isolation of synthesis intermediates

  • isolation of synthesis products

  • isolation of target substances

  • purification of biomolecules

  • purification of chemical substances

  • purification of natural substances

  • purification of small molecules

  • recycling of catalysts

  • separation of mixture components

  • chromatography systems

  • chromatography - columns

  • chromatography - consumables

  • flash chromatography - systems

  • mass spectrometric controlled fraction collection

  • preparative chromatography - systems

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