Differential scanning calorimeters: DSC 5+

Differential Scanning Calorimeter DSC 5+

Mettler-Toledo GmbH

FlexMode - the Measurement Mode is selectable between DSC Measurement in Power Compensation or Heat

Electrical Heat Flux Calibration enables exactly repeatable Measurements, without additional Calibra

Robust Sample Changer for Automatic Processing of up to 96 Samples and 7 Reference Crucibles

Launch date: 31-May-2023

The New Standard for DSC Measurements in Resolution, Sensitivity and Productivity

The next generation of dynamic differential calorimetry, the DSC5+, sets the new standard in performance and productivity. Highest measurement performance is achieved by the FlexMode functionality, which allows to choose between power compensated and heat flux mode. This provides maximum resolution of closely spaced effects as well as maximum sensitivity to detect weak thermal effects. The new DSC5+ also offers efficient operation through advanced automation: 96 samples plus up to 7 interchangeable reference crucibles can be organized through the robust sample changer. Autonomous result evaluation by the associated STARe software as well as smart adjustment functionality further complement the automation. And all this in a modular concept, i.e. customized solutions for the current application but expandable at any time for future requirements.


The new DSC 5+ combines 2 Measurement Modes: Power Compensation and Heat Flux for Optimum Resolution and/or Sensitivity of the DSC Measurement

Product classification


analysis of crystallization behavior
analysis of kinetics of reactions
analyzing melting behavior
determination of glass transition temperature
determination of heat capacity
determination of thermal stability of battery components
determining decomposition temperature of materials
performing thermal stability and oit measurements
plastics analysis
understanding nucleation and liquid crystal transformations

Product categories

DSC systems
dynamic differential calorimeters

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Differential scanning calorimeters: DSC 5+

Differential Scanning Calorimeter DSC 5+