Automatic Fibre Extraction for Feed Analysis

FIBRETHERM from C. Gerhardt: Efficient – Precise – Method-Compliant

The usability of animal feed and its impact on animal health depend in large part on the proportions of the different fibre fractions that it contains.
In the field of biogas production, the fibre fractions of substrates in fermenters are determined in order to distinguish the carbohydrates contained therein and to control the fermentation process accordingly.

This extensive fibre analysis reproduces the various steps of the digestive process in an animal’s stomach.
The feed samples are treated with different detergents. The samples are boiled in detergent and washed (except for ADL) and then rinsed and filtered multiple times. The undissolved residue is dried, weighed and then incinerated. The loss in mass during incineration corresponds to the crude fibre, ADF, NDF or ADL content in the sample.

The FibreBag method developed by C. Gerhardt makes dissolving and filtering the components significantly easier and ensures more reliable, reproducible analysis results compared to the classic filter method using frits and filter beds. The high-precision textile and the large surface area of the filtration bags provide the ideal digestion and filtration conditions.
The fully automated FIBRETHERM® unit is based on the FibreBag method. The system performs the boiling, washing, rinsing and filtration processes to determine crude fibre, ADF, ADFOM, NDF, NDFOM and aNDFOM in a self-contained system for 12 samples at a time, using pre-programmed methods.

FIBRETHERM considerably reduces the working time for each analysis and the consumption of chemicals – while taking up minimal space.

The analysis is method-compliant with the standard Weende feed analysis method and van Soest detergent method.
The FibreBag method and automatic fibre extraction with FIBRETHERM have been adopted by official inspection bodies and by many other VDLUFA members in Germany into their laboratory routines.
Regular involvement in national and international ring tests from VDLUFA, GAFTA and Fapas are proof of the method’s excellent analysis quality.

Sophisticated Accessories:

  • Dosing pump for automatic amylase feed during NDF extraction
  • Incinerating module for convenient, error-free transfer of samples
  • Degreasing module for convenient, time-saving degreasing of 6 samples at a time
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