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Your tool for Syntheses, Patents and Applications – Pharmaceutical Substances

Pharmaceutical Substances is a one-stop source of information relating to the industrial synthesis and commercial applications of every licensed drug of significance. It provides ready access to syntheses, patents, and applications for more than 2,600 active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs).

For more than 30 years, Pharmaceutical Substances has been a standard reference in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry.

Each Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient Record Includes:

  • Chemical structure
  • Graphical representation of synthetic route including intermediates
  • Nomenclature: INN standard, trivial names, synonyms, CAS number ATC codes
  • Medical applications/Therapeutic category
  • Toxicological data
  • Patent number, origin, holder and date of application Commercial information: Vendor and trade names for 6 major world markets
  • Bibliographic information including CASSI codes

Essential for Research in the Pharmaceutical Industry

  • Full synthetic route for the industrial manufacture of each drug elucidated from the patent literature
  • Unique source of reactions that perform on an industrial scale
  • Overview of the pharmaceutical industry from a synthetic chemist’s perspective
  • Insights into a therapeutic area and chemically related substances

Essential for Business Development in the API Industry

  • First determination of the market size and competition for an API – essential for development of new and generic pharmaceuticals
  • Source of markets for synthesis intermediates, ingredients and enzymes
  • Patent information including approval date and expiration
  • Comprehensive coverage of older APIs and substances approved worldwide
  • Merger and acquisition tracking ensuring that vendor information is up-to-date in a rapidly changing industry

Essential for Teaching in Medicinal and Pharmaceutical Chemistry

  • Capability to search for marketed drugs relating to a structure or reaction
  • A rapid overview of a therapeutic area or chemically related substances
  • Industrial synthetic routes discerned from complex patent descriptions
  • Insights into industrial processes and toxicity issues
  • Commercial information such as trade names and vendors/manufacturers for six world markets
  • Concise records ideal for hand-outs and quick reference

What Others Say about Pharmaceutical Substances

"As a process research and development chemist, I appreciate the detailed reaction schemes which inform me how every drug on the market can be made and the detailed references to not only the published literature but to patents."

Dr. Trevor Laird, formerly Scientific Update LLP and Editor of Organic Process Research and Development

"Anticancers are still the main focus of drug development. This is reflected also in the approval practice of FDA and EMA within the last 5 years with a relatively high share of new anticancer drugs. As a consequence, the new update with in total 17 monographs contains 7 recently approved anticancers, and 5 of them are protein kinase inhibitors."

Prof. Dr. Axel Kleemann, Pharmaceutical Substances author (Johann Wolfgang Goethe University, Frankfurt am Main), about Update 4.1

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