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Online Microplastics Monitor - Detection of Microplastics in the Sample Flow

A high-speed Raman spectrometer allows online identification of microplastic types

Continuous In-situ-Online microplastics monitoring directly inside the sample flow ✓ Microplastics analysis without need of manual sample preparation ✓ Particle diameters from 10 µm upwards ✓...

environmental analytics environmental protection food safety +9
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OPUS by Sympatec

Measure particle sizes non-destructively and in real time

Ideal for suspensions and emulsions with up to 70 % solids content

Real-time measurement in the process environment | simple installation | low-maintenance operation ✓ Measuring without dilution | optimal use with optically dense liquids ✓ Use in process, laboratory as well as product and process development | grinding, crystallisation ✓...

concentration analyzer concentration measurement crystallization control +20
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IVA Versa by Polymer Char

A versatile and automated concept for measuring intrinsic viscosity in a wide range of polymers

Improved precision, ease of use, and reduced bench space in a robust system

Enhanced Precision of intrinsic viscosity values to identify properties variations and performance ✓ Complete and cost-effective automatization of the entire process in the same system for convenience ✓ Intl. Standard Test Method to measure solution viscosity of polymers with a differential viscometer ✓...

analytica pet production plastics analytics +6
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LUMiFlector by LUM

Inline & Atline MRS Spectrometer for Determination of Product Properties within a Few Seconds

It determines fat, protein and dry matter content in milk and dairy products

4 product properties are at once in less than 20 sec, without chemicals and without sample preparation...

bioanalysis biotechnology concentration determination +23
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QICPIC | PICTOS & Co. by Sympatec

Analysis of particle size and particle shape in laboratory and process from below 1 µm to 34,000 µm

Fast, reproducible and comparable measuring results with dynamic image analysis

Product-oriented analysis of particle size & shape through modular dosing and dispersing systems ✓ Highest resolution of the particle spectrum with 4 MP high-speed camera & wide measuring range ✓ Evaluation of statistically relevant particle numbers with powerful modes for meaningful results ✓...

analytica dynamic image analysis image analysis +18
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HELOS | RODOS | MYTOS & Co. by Sympatec

Particle Size and Particle Size Distribution in Laboratory and Process from below 0.1 µm to 8,750 µm

Analysis of powder, granules, suspensions, emulsions and spray with laser diffraction

Product-oriented particle size analysis through modularly adaptable dosing and dispersing systems ✓ Highest resolution of particle size distribution with up to 8 discrete measuring range modules ✓ Best reproducibility of results and excellent system-to-system comparability ✓...

analytica grain size analysis granulometers +18
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SITRANS TDL by Siemens

The new SITRANS TDL platform: The in situ process spectrometer

Whether process or emission monitoring: Accurate and reliable measurements

New in situ laser platform ✓ High measurement quality, accuracy, repeatability, real-time results ✓ Robust device design, impressive cost - benefit principle ✓...

combustion analyzers combustion optimization diode laser spectrometer +12
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VEGAPULS 6X by VEGA Grieshaber

Cyber-safe level measurement - here's how it works

Find out more about the unique sensor for liquid and solid media

One sensor for all applications ✓ Simple selection and configuration ✓ Custom assembly of individual components ✓...

fill level measurement level indication level measurement +14
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MicroNIR PAT-L by analyticon instruments

New NIR transmission probe for reliable liquid analysis under adverse process conditions

Custom installation - even in EX zones - flexible choice of materials, sizes and flanges

Excellent process knowledge and process control ✓ Avoidance of faulty batches and plant-related incidents ✓ Cost reduction and increased efficiencies ✓...

analysis of free fatty acids distillation incoming inspection +6
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Miniflex XpC by Rigaku

XRD for High-Throughput Quality Control

The Miniflex XpC is an X-ray diffractometer (XRD) designed specifically for quality control in cement plants and other operations requiring online pro...

cement analysis inline quality control process control +4
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