Dr. Gerhard Heinzmann, Dr. Florian Meier

Field-Flow Fractionation: A Powerful Technology for the Separation and Advanced Characterization

– of Proteins, Antibodies, Viruses, Polymers and Nano-/Microparticles

Field-Flow Fractionation (FFF) is a separation technology that separates macromolecules or particles that are dissolved or dispersed in a suitable solvent in an open separation channel. Postnova Analytics is the exclusive manufacturer offering the whole range of FFF systems including Flow FFF, Thermal FFF, Centrifugal FFF and SPLITT FFF. FFF provides fast, gentle and high resolution separations of any particulate matter from 1 nm up to 100 µm in any liquid media in various matrices.

Particularly in the strongly growing fields of nanotechnology, nanomedicine and biotechnology, but also with increasingly complex questions in the area of food, polymer and environmental sciences, FFF technology has become a reliable alternative to established chromatographic separation methods like GPC/SEC or HPLC. Due to its broad application range and its compatibility with detection systems known from liquid chromatography such as static Multi-Angle Light Scattering (MALS), Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS), different concentration detectors and ICP-MS, FFF is excellently prepared for the future needs of the scientific and industrial community.

With this in mind, FFF is one of the most promising tools, when it comes to the fractionation and characterization of micro- and nanoplastics and the ultratrace analysis of nanomaterials in the environment. More than 50 years after its first description by Calvin Giddings, FFF is now on the rise to become an equal member of the chromatographic family.

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