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Solubility: Importance, Measurements and Applications

Solubility data for early discovery, crystallization process development and formulation


This white paper covers two dynamic methods for effective and reproducible solubility data generation: the temperature variation and solvent addition m


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A Basic Guide to Particle Characterization

The Guide Will Help You Decide Which Techniques Is the Best for Your Particle Characterization Needs


The aim of this guide is to provide a basic grounding in the main particle characterization techniques currently in use within industry and academia


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An Introduction to Size Exclusion Chromatography / Gel Permeation Chromatography in 30 Minutes

This Paper Offers a Comprehensive Educational Insight into the GPC/SEC Technology and Applications


GPC/SEC is mainly used for the characterization of macromolecules including synthetic and natural polymers as well as proteins or RNA/DNA


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UV/Vis Application in COVID-19 Vaccine Research

Increasing Speed and Accuracy when Analyzing Vaccine Candidates and Their Components


A vaccine is a type of treatment aimed at stimulating the body’s immune system to fight against infectious pathogens such as bacteria and viruses. The


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Advantages of polymer-based columns for HPLC

Applications for HILIC and RP chromatography


The whitepaper shows the separation of large biomolecules (proteins, peptides, amino acids) and polar substances (vitamins, sugars, pesticides).


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Ensure your water quality with latest environmental testing solutions

Download new applications eBook and discover how innovations in instrumental analysis can enhance your water and soil analysis.


Discover instrumental solutions and workflows to meet regulatory demands and hear about latest work done in the area if emerging contaminants.


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Field-Flow Fractionation: A Powerful Tool for Advanced Separation and Characterization of Nano and Polymer Samples

Gentle high resolution separation and fractionation of nanoparticles and macromolecules without stationary phase


Thanks to its variability, reliability and compatibility, it is fair to state that the future of FFF looks bright


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Develop Syntheses More Efficiently: How to Save Time and Money by Laboratory Automation

Parallel experiments to determine the metastable zone for a successful scale-up


How to maximize the efficiency and quality of developing your synthesis through parallel method development using fully automated laboratory reactors


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High Efficiency, Constant Performance HPLC Degassing

In-line vacuum degassing control method characterizes the film degasser’s efficiency at various applied vacuum levels


Revolutionary intelligent user control for HPLC degassing that provides more performance, more efficiency and more control for instrument reliability


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Fast, Easy and “Green” Analysis of phthalates in polymeric substrates

Introduction of the analytical principle and “Method Map”


A fast and easy method without sample preparation to replace cumbersome, time consuming techniques for determination of regulated phthalates in polymers


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