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Worry-Free Weighing — Our Medicine for Optimized Processes

Start Your Workflow Optimization Now


Find valuable tips and tricks on how to optimize your weighing workflows in the new weighing guide


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How to ensure accurate weighing results every day?

Routine Testing of Laboratory Balances


Routine testing of laboratory balances by the user is essential to uncover malfunctions early and eliminate inaccuracies.


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1 kg Redefinition: Everything different, nothing changes

Revised definition of the SI base unit


A new definition of the kilogram was necessary, in order to ensure the measurement unit is independent from a physical object.


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Essential Laboratory Skills Guide

Improve accuracy and efficiency of your day-to-day laboratory measurement tasks


This "Essential Laboratory Skills" Guide supports lab operators to recognize and avoid potential error sources and ultimately increase laboratory efficiency.


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Recognize and detect the effects of electrostatic charges on your balance


Electrostatics test explains how you can recognize and detect the effects of electrostatic charges on your own balance.


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Weighing the Right Way

Guidelines for accurate results and better weighing techniques


The purpose of this guide is to identify most common factors affecting weighing accuracy and to explain the basic rules of weighing the right way.


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Don't let static charges disrupt your weighing accuracy

Electrostatic Charges During Weighing


Understanding what causes electrostatic charges during weighing, and how to avoid or eliminate them, is critical to avoiding disruption to weighing processes.


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Guide on Efficient Weighing Workflows in Chemical Industry


The guide explores six common lab workflows in the chemical industry where weighing plays an integral role.


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Better Weighing Performance In 6 Easy Steps

Get Your Results Right the First Time


Getting your weighing results right the first time is crucial, as it saves you time and money and eliminates the need for rework.


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ISO 9001:2015 and the implications on weighing devices

Managing risk and quality in compliance with the latest ISO revision


This white paper explains the changes in the revised standard of ISO 9001:2015 and describe the timeline associated with transition to the new version.


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