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  • Why gold-palladium alloys are better than palladium for hydrogen storage

    Materials that absorb hydrogen are used for hydrogen storage and purification, thus serving as clean energy carriers. The best-known hydrogen absorber, palladium (Pd), can be improved by alloying with gold (Au). New research led by The University of Tokyo Institute of Industrial Science explains for more

  • How do very small particles behave at very high temperatures?

    A Swansea University nanomaterials expert has been looking at how small gold particles survive when subjected to very high temperatures. The research is important to the engineering sector for some potential applications of nanotechnology, for example in catalysis and aerospace, where particles of o more

  • A super resolution view of chemical reactions

    Researchers from the Institute of Physical Chemistry of the Polish Academy of Sciences have demonstrated, using a super resolution microscopic technique, how to follow chemical reactions taking place in very small volumes. The method of analysis developed by the Warsaw physicists in collaboration wi more

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The Chemistry of Moisturisers

It’s the middle of summer, and hopefully, if you’re heading out in the sun, you’re taking the precaution of applying sun cream beforehand. Sometimes, however, you can end up with sunburn despite your best efforts to prevent it. After sun and moisturisers can help to soothe the burn – here, we take a more

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The importance of the measurement of diffusion in 2-phase systems

The movement of particles in a colloidal suspension is the property we use in order to characterize the size distribution (via the Stokes-Einstein equation). We'll look at diffusion including the random Brownian motion that we require for valid application of the equation but also outlining scenario


Case study: Using NTA to study nanoparticle diffusion

• Nanoparticle Tracking Analysis (NTA) was used to study the diffusion of silica nanoparticles functionalized with different polymers in aqueous solutions of water-soluble polymers and in dispersions of porcine gastric mucin • It was found that the diffusivity of nanoparticles is affected by their d


Using Taylor Dispersion Analysis for early stability assessment via a single kD measurement

The self-association characteristics of molecules in dilute solutions can provide an assessment of stability at an early stage in development. The diffusion interaction parameter (kD) is a measure of the propensity for self-association, but the determination of this parameter using existing methodol

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Diffusion :This article is about the physical mechanism of diffusion. For alternative meanings, see diffusion (disambiguation) . The term diffusion is derived from the Latin verb husionere which means "to break" but can also mean "leave way" and ... more


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