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About GIG Karasek

GIG Karasek provides systems and equipment, for the thermal separation of different mixtures, for among others, the pharmaceutical, polymer, petrochemical, oleochemical, finechemical, pulp & starch and food industries as well as for the environmental/recycling industries. Therefore is GIG Karasek a leader in evaporation technologies, a major player when it comes to Thin Film and Short Path technology (Wiped Film evaporation technology) and a specialist in processing high-quality special materials. Anyone in need of tailor-made, precisely planned plant and equipment – for example, for the production of medication or vitamins, for the recovery of biological or chemical substances or for the purification of waste water from problematic industries – can’t fail to notice the customised product range that GIG Karasek has to offer. “Use no more energy than is absolutely necessary,” is a challenging goal shared by many of our customers. Instead of over-engineered design solutions, we offer intelligent concepts that not only save energy, but also lower costs. The advantage of GIG Karasek is that you only need one partner for the implementation of your projects starting with lab and pilot plant tests, continuing with basic engineering, production and installation, and right up to the initial start-up and after-sales service.

Facts about GIG Karasek
  • Founding: 1933
  • Focus : Manufacturer
  • Employees: 51-200

Products from GIG Karasek

Product portfolio

acid distillation units
apparatus engineering
circulation evaporators
concentration plants
Distillation plants
evaporation plants
exhaust steam plants
extraction columns
falling film evaporators
heat pump evaporators
heat recovery systems
laboratory distillation plants
mini plant technology
plate heat exchangers
preparation systems
process heat recovery systems
purification plants
rectification plants
short path evaporators
sludge dewatering equipment
sludge dewatering plants
sludge dryers
solvent evaporators
thin film dryers
thin film evaporators
Waste oil refineries
waste water evaporators
water treatment plants
wiped film evaporators

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