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Corporate Mission Statement - Corporate Values, Our mission statement fits in a sentence:What does this mean? In our field of activity distribution and support of instruments for chemists and analysts we want to define ourselves by competence and special achievements in all ranges of the customer relations. Do not replace old problems with new ones but provide solutions and avoid problems from the outset by competent fair consultation. Only when you tell us as a customer: "With the employees of Axel Semrau the cooperation really works!" and you like to be in long-term cooperation with us, we have reached our goal. What are we doing to achieve this goal? We have organized ourselves into three business units and thus achieved a high degree of specialization of our employees. Further specialization results from the fact that we prefer to focus our activities on niche markets. This enables competence in detail. This allows us to truly understand our customers and their tasks in each business area. Approximately 80% of our 44 employees are technically scientifically trained - chemists, engineers - and for the most part have a long experience in their fields. These are the people with whom you discuss your tasks, requirements and problems and from whom you can expect competence and solutions. All AS employees are involved in a permanent training process. New employees are carefully prepared for their tasks. So we can offer you not only expert advice and customer service but also application, qualified installations and application training. Our product portfolio Well-known manufacturers from all over the world entrust us their products for exclusive distribution in Germany. We choose critically. We are behind manufacturers whose products are useful to our customers and help them accomplish their tasks more efficiently. Our selection criteria are: quality, innovation, reliability and value for money. In order to increase the efficiency of our offers, we develop our own products and have them produced exclusively for us. We pay particular attention to software solutions that are developed and maintained in our Software division in close cooperation with our application specialists and customers. Our values Internally, we are characterized by an open, collaborative working style, which we also enjoy continuing in cooperation with our customers and partners. While respecting the institutions and companies that fund procurement, our understanding of "customer" is largely determined by the relationship with the people who individually prepare those decisions and ultimately work with the tools we have provided. Every employee should treat our customers as he would like to be experienced as a customer. Every customer or prospective customer who calls or otherwise announces, finds at AS a competent communication partner and free "Erstbetreuung". We want to win the trust of our customers and always justify it. We always look ahead, building on the experiences of the past.The communication internally and with our suppliers is open to discussion, just as critical as it is self-critical and focused on problem solving and further development. For short-term profit, we do not sacrifice long-term cooperation. We look forward to every opportunity to contact our customers. We respect the social responsibility that we as a company carry for our society Our certificates Already since 2003 we are a training company recognized by the IHK. The company currently employs two apprentices. Axel Semrau® has been certified by DEKRA according to ISO 9001: 2008 since May 2008. In March 2010, the company obtained the TÜV seal for certified service quality from TÜV Saarland for the second time in a row. Since June 2012, our OSH management system has also been certified to SCC ** (Safety Certificate Contractors).

Facts about Axel Semrau
  • Founding: 1981
  • Focus : Distributor

Products from Axel Semrau

Product portfolio

analytical services
application databases
automated pyrolysis systems
automated sample preparation systems
automation software
calibration gas sets
capillary LC systems
chromatography software
chromatography systems
flash cartridges
flash chromatography systems
food safety tests
fraction collectors
gas chromatographs
GC autosamplers
GC inlet liners
GC systems
HPLC autosamplers
HPLC systems
LC/MS systems
LCxGC systems
LCxLC systems
light scattering detectors
MALDI spotters
Mass spectral libraries
mass spectrometers
microfraction collectors
piston pumps
precision high pressure pumps
preparative HPLC systems
pyrolysis systems
sample preparation system
sniffing detectors
Solid phase extraction systems
SPE cartridges
SPE systems
spectra libraries
sulfur analyzers
syringe pumps
total sulfur analyzers
TQ mass spectrometers

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