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Innovative vacuum technology down to 10-3 mbar

Oil-free, chemically resistant, durable

vacuum pumps
KNF FP 7 / KNF FP 25 / NMP 820

KNF FP 7 / KNF FP 25 / NMP 820 by KNF Neuberger

Smooth Flow Liquid Pumps and High Performance Micro Gas Pumps from KNF

For smooth, low-pulsation flow, low noise and low vibration operation

diaphragm pumps

HiScroll by Pfeiffer Vacuum

The extremely quiet, efficient, oil-free vacuum pumps of the HiScroll series

Covers many applications in the field of analytics, industry or research & development

Industrial vacuum pump
HiPace® 80 Neo

HiPace® 80 Neo by Pfeiffer Vacuum

The Most Reliable Hybrid Bearing Turbopump with Laser Balancing Technology

Compact yet powerful turbopumps with pumping speeds of up to 67 l/s for N2

Typ CNF / Typ CAM

Typ CNF / Typ CAM by Hermetic-Pumpen

Reliable pump technology for hazardous applications

Shaft seal-free pumps for maximum reliability and safety

vacuum pumps
VICI Nanovolume pump/injector

VICI Nanovolume pump/injector by VICI

All-In-One Front End Nano HPLC for Your Mass Spectrometer

VICI Nanovolume Pump/Injector

injection valves
DOLPHIN liquid ring vacuum pumps

DOLPHIN liquid ring vacuum pumps by Busch Vacuum Solutions

Efficient vacuum for the demanding processes

The latest generation of vacuum pumps with high liquid, vapor and particle tolerance

liquid ring vacuum pumps

SmartVane by Pfeiffer Vacuum

First Rotary Vane Pump for Mass Spectrometry with a Hermetically Sealed Pump Housing

Combines the advantages of the proven rotary vane pump principle with a revolutionary sealed design

rotary vane pumps

SyrDos by HiTec Zang

Precise dosing for laboratories and pilot plants

Get to know the space-saving syringe pump with versatile dosing modes

syringe pumps
Peristaltic Pumps

Peristaltic Pumps by AHF analysentechnik

Reliable and Low-pulsation Transport of Liquids in Laboratory Analysis

peristaltic pumps
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