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  • Squid tissues and chemistry combine for versatile hydrogels

    Researchers at Hokkaido University in Japan have combined natural squid tissues with synthetic polymers to develop a strong and versatile hydrogel that mimics many of the unique properties of biological tissues. Hydrogels are polymer networks containing large quantities of water, and are being explo more

  • Shrinking hydrogels enlarge nanofabrication options

    Carnegie Mellon University’s Yongxin (Leon) Zhao and the Chinese University of Hong Kong’s Shih-Chi Chen have a big idea for manufacturing nanodevices. Zhao’s Biophotonics Lab develops novel techniques to study biological and pathological processes in cells and tissues. Through a process called expa more

  • Mimicking life: a breakthrough in non-living materials

    The reaction cycle can easily be applied to a wide range of materials and its rate can be controlled – a breakthrough in the emerging field of such reactions. The discovery is a step towards soft robotics; soft machines that can sense what is happening in their environment and respond accordingly. T more

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Hydrogel Hydrogel is a network of polymer chains that are water-insoluble, sometimes found as a colloid al gel in which water is the dispersion medium. Hydrogels are superabsorbent (they can contain over 99% water ) natural or synthetic polyme ... more


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